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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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our rings or whatever you joulg a it's a great opportunity to jostle for the first time she started on without foundation over and over on riggingly san francisco auditorium the gpr golden gate fists on june 15th the golden gate park hall of flowers will be filled with the flowers and taking queen and king honors the public is given free roses after the show and folks will be on hand to answer our rose related questions. that's weekly buzz. for more information visit us a and thank you.
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thank you, everybody good morning. good morning. all right. well, thank you for joining me at the board of supervisors chambers everyone else thank you to supervisor chiu and supervisor farrell to the entire members of the board of supervisors thank you for being here our commissioners and department head and elected officials and labor and continuity leaders and welcome to our residents that are joining us at the chambers and certainly online. ladies and gentlemen, for the first time during the first time that i presented the budget to you i shared my vision for a safe san francisco a city for the one hundred percent and many my vision for the city has not wavered the budget i'm perceptive to you today
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maintenance maintains that focus. when i first came to office the cities outing outcome was different than today, the unemployment was 9 points 5 percent and revenues were stagnant and what we faced budget deficits of $4 million. we all had to make difficult decisions during these difficult wants to budget the city's budget i'm pleased to say with the release of my proposed budget the city's condition is conceived the unemployment rate has dropped 4 point and we're under $6 million in deficit. however, and construction is up in our city, however, (clapping) thank you.
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however, this economic growth which no one thought possible a few years ago has also led to rising prices for homes and others goods and services across the city. i recognize san franciscans are anxious about a living and living in the city. i know that know that 70 plays an important role through this budget we're making smart, responsible targeted investments to insure that san francisco's is more footage and a better place to live for everyone. this year's proposal is hard work and collaboration of all and with you'll have you and we've met in every district and listened to community leaders and social service providers online and in person we
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developed this two year budget is reflects all our san francisco values. we also worked together with our employees to negotiate new contracts with each of them 27 labor unions. i want to thank our union partners and the city staff in negotiating the spare affordable and responsible contracts to insure our city's employees minimum wage keeps plays with the cost of living. the details of the budget you'll see fiscal prunes and an increase to the services for our resident and critical investments in transportation and education and our safety net and infrastructure and investment in our diverse neighborhood and historic investments in housing. is numbering issue i hear about in the community is the affordability of housing i believe the is it correct e connect of our city will be
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based on our commitment to make sure that san francisco remains a place that people from every background and ever income can all home the shortage of housing for working and protecting people has become a genuine crisis and demands solution that's why housing a a focus in my budget. earlier this year we set a aggressor home by getting 1/3rd of homes permanently affordable to protecting families we must continue to build market rate unit especially rental units the more housing our residents have is less trouble of finding a home. by building in the shipyards and near candle stick and park
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merced and visitacion valley we'll dromoimprove the housing for maimed families this helps to make my a aggressive goal a revolt two years ago we worked on the housing trust fund we'll access directly fray the housing off and on to e fund to produce more affordable housing. given the challenges we face i believe we must do more so in this budget i'm including 50 new additional dollars in funding by leveraging the construction of new affordable housing units over the next two years those are an infusion to fill the gap needs for new projects
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throughout san francisco marry and i believe the success of how city is depending on the ability for us to work with each other and in particular i'm challenging our private sectors partners to continue to work with us for you for investments including affordable housing that makes san francisco better and better for everyone our city must condition continue to have the spirit spirit of engagement i'm launching a strategic partnership of offices to work with organizations and nonprofits and the private sector to do more good for more people. in addition to creating more heirs for low and middle income residents i believe our housing is safe for families is one of
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the best investments we make. in this investment you'll see building on and a expanding the panhandles of hope sf but to get tens of thousands of homes built faster we have to reduce the blocks and that's why in my budget we're nrs building inspectors to cut through the red tape to finish those projects. i'm proud of your work with senator leno's to get the state help we must continue to do what we can locally to prevent people being forced out of their homes and that's why this budget will continue the funding as well as is successful right to civil go
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council private program but on our streets there's still too much people without a place to call home this includes new funding for veterans and families and traditional age youth as well as investments in our stoplights and outreach and engagement and supports the homeless families and childcare. receiving reliable quality public services is an important aspect of how san francisco is living in our city. a large part is our transportation system. i appreciate the work the municipal transportation board of directors to increase the 10 percent in the budget over the next two years we must also work
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together to one hundred obligation bond to invest in our critical transportation infrastructure and further improve the travel speed and pedestrian safety and bicycle safety and prepare for the busiest travel corridors without raising property tax. those will insure that this transportation system is more accessible and reliable. in addition to, on the progress we made with the street paving my bond helps the paving program with 83 and a half million dollars with support to allow us to rae pave seven hundred blocks thought our city in fact, i'm proud to state we're fully funding the capital plan in the
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first year of the budget including $213 million for smart responsible capital investments through the city's capital tenure plan we'll also expand services at the public works and the rec and park department to keep our straights cleaner and maintain our city streets and promote public safety throughout our parks. as san francisco's economy recovers and gross it's critical that everyone shares in the success. in the current environmentalist the city's lowest paid workings will fall behind without minimum wage raising we'll do it the san francisco way and continue our efforts to be a healthier city
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we agreed on protecting our social safety net it is important therefore i regretted all mental healthy reductions from the public health department ivyfully restored the federally cut programs with with folks with hiv and aids. to rebuild a san francisco general hospital the largest bond in our city's history is on time and budget with an opening date of december 2015. and the affordable health care has helped more than 80 thousand san franciscans access health insurance and half of those to medi-cal. my thanks to our public health department that is on the front line of health care reform is
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strengthens our primary care services by expanding the hours and investing in a citywide call center. but health and well-being are more than just medical care that's why my budget includes the founding funding for food security by addressing additional meals for seniors and have more seniors n into the california fresh program we must strive for for the best public schools anywhere that's why in proposed budget includes $170 million in financial support to our unified school district over the next 2 years. and because we know that education starts before confined
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we're adding 5 hundred preschools to 4 thousand one hundred. and this november we will ask san francisco voters to renew the children's fund and the public education enrichment fund together those sources will invest $290 million over the next two years we're investing in the san francisco youth and calling upon our employers larger and small across the city to support the young people by creating 7 thousand paying meaningful opportunity this summer and beyond. san francisco's success as a city is depending on our ability to have safe services we have
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the 6 year police and fire plan for the forndz r and we're going to hire 96 firefighters and other deputy sherry's opposing over the next two years and our police will have the necessary vehicles and equipment to do their job we must also think that pedestrian safety on the streets i'm going to eliminate traffic deaths with an additional $3 million to address did pedestrian safety and bicycle safety over the next two years. small businesses remain the heart and soul of our local economy this includes the online
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business portal cutting through red tape and making it easier to operate and start a business sometimes, we forget our nonprofits are a critical part of our economy we must do more to support the sector as a whole to today, i want to affirm that my budget contains 1 and a half increase to nonprofits that contract with the city in addition we'll also launch a new sector initiative at the office of economic workforce development to focus on strengthening our nonprofit sector. this budget also includes my invest invest in neighborhoods with the 25 neighborhood commercial districts providing a job squad that brings businesses to our city hall and brings wifi
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to our commercial corridors. ladies and gentlemen, while the worse of our economic crisis maybe behind us we can't deviate in insuring a budget is balances our diversity across the city we'll continue to invest in our neighborhoods and infrastructure and most important in our people with the one hundred percent. i want to recognize budget supervisor farrell for leading this budget a truly collaborative process and thank you to my staff led by steve to my budget office led by kate howard and thank you our city controller and staff and, of course, thank you in advance to the budget analyst harry rose. so with that ladies and gentlemen, and supervisors let's get back to work and get this
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budget done. thanks very much. (clapping.) through some of our
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regular programming. thanks for watching. it will inform holly lee with another list of activities my hope our ready for fun in the sun this week of june it's about
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the good times on friday june 13th and young museum it moved forward it's after hours. you'll experience an eclectic mix of dancing and art exhibition tours have you also wanted to juggle ripley's believable it or not is having a world juggling day just bring our rings or whatever you joulg a it's a great opportunity to jostle for the first time she started on without foundation over and over on riggingly san francisco auditorium the gpr golden gate fists on june 15th the golden gate park hall of flowers will be filled with the
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flowers and taking queen and king honors the public is given free roses after the show and folks will be on hand to answer our rose related questions. that's weekly buzz. for more information visit us a and
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